Who Am I?

Open-hearted. Open-minded. Flexible. Peaceful. Hardworking. Loving. Sweet. Compassionate. Understanding. Trustworthy. Thoughtful. Inquisitive. Adaptable. Open to change. Humble. Artistic. Creative.

Beautiful. Confident. Strong. Funny. Intelligent. Kind. Honorable. Virtuous. Principled. Moral. Affectionate. Altruistic. Idealistic. Passionate. Energetic. Dedicated.

Purposeful. Courageous. Brave. Admirable. True to myself. Unique. Deep. Insightful. Easily reads people’s true motivations. Warm. Supportive. Calm. Honest. Poetic. Elegant. Eloquent. Graceful. Dependable. Respectable. Respectful. Courteous. Polite. Considerate. Pleasant. Friendly. Genuine. Authentic. Responsible.

Visionary. Dreamer. Sensitive. Caring. Curious.