Deja Vu

It’s less than a week from the start of my junior year, and things are different.

I still feel the same anxiety, dread, and worry about the overwhelming workload and unpredictable stresses. I still feel the same deep desire to run away from all my problems and my loved ones by cutting off all communication, physically and mentally withdrawing, and submersing myself into my inner reality. I still have this underlying fear of the pain that lies ahead.

Yet…despite this, I have a growing excitement and hope that outshines it all. There is the…

Faith in a sovereign God who plans all things for my good, making me more like Christ each and every day.

Love of a Savior who redeemed me by His grace, who teaches me how to love others like He loved me.

Peace in knowing that this earthly life is temporary, and that there’s a magnificent kingdom awaiting me for eternity.

Every day, if I get caught up in these narrow-focused worries, I just need to remind myself of his faithfulness in it all. Can i get an amen?


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