Justice matters because every person is fearfully and wonderfully made, and it is what we as human beings deserve.


Doubts Continued

Why do I keep on doubting the validity and authority of the Bible? Why am I doubting these words are truly the Word of God? Is it because I don’t have enough background knowledge about the origins and the Bible itself?

I just keep on stepping in and out of my own perspective. From a non-believer’s point of view, I come across as blind, delusional, ignorant, and pious for no cause — merely living according to guidelines written by dogmatic men. From a believer’s point of view, I am a saved newborn, growing in my faith and understanding, but with a lot to learn still. In my personal point of view, I am someone who is lost and confused and still doubtful, but wise enough to know that it is not man who created all and that living depending upon other men and myself is not sufficient enough. I am someone who can feel my heart and desires being changed not for my own sake and not by my own pure will, but by and for something so much higher. I am someone who has realized that no one on this Earth is perfect and that no one on this Earth exists without a selfish motivation in some aspect of one’s life. I’m not an all-knowing being, but I can see clearly enough to recognize this.