What makes you happy?

Today, I had a great conversation with my hall mate, Shannon. She has such a caring, loving heart and a beautiful soul, and she asked me this question today: “What makes you happy?” It actually took me a while to answer the questions — I feel like we, as people, don’t spend enough time considering what makes as happy and doing it. She is a living, breathing example of one of those people who actually does. So, this is goes out to her.

This is what makes me happy.

  • Helping other people and seeing them succeed
  • Sharing my faith and talking about God
  • Singing songs of worship
  • Taking care of kids and playing with them
  • Seeing beautiful landscapes
  • Wearing a new outfit that fits me well
  • Getting compliments from strangers
  • Making genuine, real friends
  • Having deep, meaningful conversations with people



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