Midnight Musings: Eye Contact

There’s sometime to be said about eye contact. 

I have a theory that just by looking deeply into someone else’s eyes, very genuinely, very sincerely, and holding that gaze for 3 seconds straight, there will be an inexplicable stirring. A moment where both parties seem to feel this sense of…understanding. If not intimate, it is, at the least, vulnerable. 

It’s fascinating what simple sturdy eye contact can do. It can cause friends to become lovers. It creates respect from superior to inferior. It conveys longing and mystique, without a lone utterance. It stops the beating of a heart for just a moment.

This is something I never would’ve grasped before. That is for certain. Insecurity and self-consciousness would have caused me to dart my eyes away, flitting away from anything longer than a split second of eye contact. 

To be vulnerable, you have to have a certain kind of confidence (isn’t that slightly ironic? I used to think vulnerability was for the gutless, for I was just that). 

I thank God for that. I don’t know if that’s what He meant for to happen, but I thank Him for that.


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