This Is How I’ll Lose You

Thought Catalog

I’ll find you because you wear glasses or take pictures or make music or write beautiful words. We’ll talk about theories and futures and the way the world works, and you’ll admire my curiosity, which you’ve been trained to think uncommon in members of my sex.

We’ll argue for sport, and you’ll puff your feathers to show me how impressive and intelligent and savvy you are. I’ll laugh at your jokes, and you’ll think how great it is that someone finally gets you. You’ll think how rare it is to make a connection like this. You won’t tell me if that intimidates you.

I’ll think how much like the others you are, but I’ll be charmed nonetheless.
You’ll take me to bed, and you’ll find my intensity translates. You’ll be both shocked and unsurprised, and you’ll never admit to intimidation. I’ll worry you’re not enough, but I’ll never say a…

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