Don’t Be A Friend Of Sinners

Thought Catalog

When I was growing up Christians didn’t hang out with sinners.

“Sinners” hung out at bars and Christians avoided them – bars and sinners both – so as to not “spoil our testimony for the Lord”. After all, “one drop of muddy water ruins the whole glass.” It was of utmost importance to “avoid all appearance of evil.”

These days, it’s become quite trendy to be a friend of sinners. Progressive young Christians with our freedom in Christ love talking about how Jesus was more comfortable hanging out with sinners – drunkards and prostitutes and tax collectors – than with the religious people. And we should all be like Jesus, a friend of sinners.

At first glance, this sounds like a great plan. Rather than being judgmental and excluding sinners, we’ll befriend them! Not only does it sound loving, but it also means we get to hang out at bars…

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