Have you ever thought that the reason why no one understands you is because you won’t let them in?

You don’t always have to shut people out. You don’t have to be a lone wolf.

It’s appealing in a romanticized way…but romanticism can only get you so far.

Humans were made to be interactive creatures.

Don’t punish yourself for no reason.



You Should Date A Girl Who Is A Person

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Written by Kate Willsky, who currently works as a freelance writer and editor. She’s worked at Chronicle Books and San Francisco magazine, written for The Huffington Post and The Jakarta Globe, and chronicled her adventures through southeast Asia here. Having recently made the transcoastal leap from San Francisco to New York, she is currently a bit chilly.

Some weeks ago, an essay with the attention-grabbing title of “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl” began popping up in my social media feeds. It’s unclear why the piece, written back in 2011 by a chap named Charles Warnke, went viral again recently, but whatever the reason, his satirical love letter to the unlettered was showing up on Reddit, on blogs, and being posted by Facebook friends with comments like “Yes. Thank you,” and “Truly beautiful.”

The essay didn’t sit right with me. Rather than subverting…

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What Do You Stand For?

Chris Martin Writes

I guess this post will be sorta-kinda like a follow up to my earlier post, “What’s in a Name?”. I feel like people know and label Christians not so much for what they stand for, but what they stand against, or protest against. That’s not how I want to be remembered. This topic reminds me of a great song by Casting Crowns entitled Jesus, Friend of Sinners. The lyric goes “Nobody knows what we’re for only what we’re against when we judge the wounded. What if we put down our signs crossed over the lines and loved like You did.”

That is so true. I may be way off with this mindset, but here is how I see things. When we picket, protest, or boycott, we are immediately saying “You’re wrong. I’m right.” Even if we know in our minds that we are hating the sin but not the sinner…

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Stop glamorizing college. Stop with your rainbow 0.7 mm colored markers, your mug of Ultra Spice Chai Black Tea, your Apple Macbook Pro, and untouched college-ruled paper.

Stop with your spouting about how alive you feel.

Stop with the pretentious bullshit.

Stop pretending to be someone you aren’t.

Just strive to be better, and be humble enough to be stupid and wrong.

My life is one of pretending to be smart and thinking I’m above everyone else when in reality I’m an idiot and my thinking is holding me back from actually being smart and successful and becoming friends with people and being humble and acting like Jesus would.