The Heaving Vastnesses of Unbroken Blue

Perpetual sadness.

This is such an interesting state — one of unknowing, perhaps comparable to purgatory.

So easy to fake happiness, slap a smile on and laugh without feeling joy.

Knowing very well that you could easily solve your problem by just putting in a little more effort — reaching out to make new friends, connecting with your old friends, studying a little harder, or just letting loose a little. But just choosing not to.

Perhaps this is just a vain period of self-pity. Perhaps this is a phase and I just need to be left alone to gather my thoughts.

Or perhaps this is a tiredness and wearing of the soul. Perhaps I’ve become too burned out by the concerns of this Earth.

The solution to my problems is so obvious, sitting right before my eyes…

so why don’t I just want to reach out and take it?


Why do we punish ourselves when we know there’s a much easier path to travel?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

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