El Sur

Christianity is so different here in the South.

I constantly feel judged. I’m always on edge. I’m always afraid that if I make just one wrong move, other Christians will immediately judge me as a “fake” Christian (one who says they’re a Christian but doesn’t act like it)  and shun me.

I know I don’t act like a Christian at times. I know that I make poor choices. But I don’t think that one choice I make should result in me being belittled and dismissed.

I don’t feel love from my fellow brothers and sisters. All I ever feel is the cold sting of condescending disapproval and rejection.

Am I making sweeping generalizations? Oh yeah.

Is this true for all Christians in the South? Of course not.

But does this still hold true for what I’ve personally experienced thus far? I hate to say it…but yes, it does.

Does that break my heart? Yes.

And do I feel alone? Yes.


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